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I've been an animal lover for all of my life and currently have three dogs. It's always been a dream for me to work with animals but unfortunately my career path took me to London working in Project Management in an engineering sector. After years of doing that I realised it was time to start working on my dream and the first step was to qualify as a dog trainer, which I'm happy to say has been realised. Whilst working as a trainer one of the most common questions asked was "Do you do Daycare?" Many of my clients had horror stories of dogs being left in unlicenced daycare where their dog had been left all day whilst the carer went out, others had scared dogs that had been bullied by the other dogs but it hadn't been understood as bullying and was "just playing"

I don't believe all daycares are like this but unfortunately there are some around. So this was encouragement for me to start looking for a building where I could have a proper Doggy Daycare completely dedicated to looking after dogs during the day where they would be safe, can have fun and be looked after by a professional that understands dogs. I am  registered and licenced by East Herts council and I welcome their regular visits to ensure that the dogs' welfare is a priority.

I am proud to announce that I am now a gold Member of the Pet Professional Network.
The Pet Professional Network is the first international business support organisation for force free pet professionals.
Working in collaboration with world class training and behavioural institutes, they provide the very best advice in all aspects of marketing, mindset and personal development, helping connect members with like-minded professionals in a safe environment. They are proud to be an Affiliate of ICAN (the International Companion Animal Network).
I have been awarded Gold Membership after gaining a specific level of skill or competence in developing my business and a high level of skill in my field of work.
This is awarded to only the most dedicated Members after a minimum of one year’s commitment to being part of our community and taking an active role in supporting others in our industry.

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