Fully licenced and run by a qualified professional in Dog Behaviour and Training within a dedicated building for dogs. Your dog will enjoy a fun, tiring day in a safe environment.


What do we do?

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Play time

At points throughout the day we will have different play time

  • Ball pit

  • Swing

  • Bubble machine (Bacon bubbles)

  • Tunnel

Interactive play, all dogs will have interactive play such as tug of war and fetch to help build or maintain confidence.

We encourage dogs to play together to learn good manners and good dog - dog interaction.

Activities are held at different times each day to avoid over excitement building up prior to the activity.

Sleepy Time

Beds are available all day for your dogs for them to have a rest whenever they need it, for those that need a bit of extra quiet time there are separate crates so that they can have some alone time. There's also a Sofa and chair for that extra bit of home comfort.

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a fabulous day away!



1 day (up to 10 hours) - £25

1/2 day (up to 5 hours) - £17

Weekly - £110

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